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The 10 Packing Supplies You Shouldn’t Move Homes Without

Moving homes can be a very exciting time–but it can also be a chaotic time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when packing, especially if you’re a first-time mover. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have these 10-must-have packing and moving supplies before the big day comes to help make the transition to your next adventure as easy as possible.  

  1. Boxes and Totes
    Depending on what’s going inside, you may need a cardboard box or a plastic tote. Cardboard boxes are more uniform in size and can cost the savvy mover nothing when they approach local businesses on their delivery days. Totes, on the other hand, are a sturdier choice and have greater storage reusability (but they can be pricey).
  2. Packing Tape
    Folding the flaps of cardboard boxes into one another may be a quick fix for a single box, but when you’re loading boxes in and out of trucks and cars where they may be jostled or take a tumble, you’ll want the security of a well-taped box or a reinforced tote.
  3. Bubble Wrap and Newspaper
    Keep your belongings in the shape they left your old home in by using proper cushioning. While using your own clothes and linens is the most environmental- (and cost-) friendly option, recyclable newspaper and bubble wrap will suffice if you run out.
  4. Color-Coded Markers and Labels
    A smart mover labels and writes the room where each box should go, like “kitchen,” “bathroom,” or “storage.” A brilliant mover uses color-coded labels and matching markers for even faster and more accurate unloading and unpacking.
  5. Blankets
    Let your blankets pull double duty by also serving as protection for easily scratched pieces of furniture and electronics, like your antique coffee table or 4K TV. Not only will your belongings be well-protected, but you won’t have to worry about packing the blankets, too–just make sure to wash them before you make the bed!
  6. Furniture Pads
    Keep your old and new floors scuff-free while moving. A simple set of furniture pads on the legs of your belongings will ensure you don’t lose a deposit or ruin your hardwood floors before you’ve even unpacked.
  7. Dolly or Hand Truck
    The last thing you need when you’re moving into a new home is to hurt yourself. That box of books may seem like a quick grab, but it’s a lot heavier than it looks. Rent or invest in a dolly to save you—and your back—unnecessary strain.
  8. Gloves
    Get a better grip on things and prevent painful blisters with an inexpensive pair of moving gloves. When you’re carrying a dresser up a flight of stairs, you’ll be glad you took the time to wear them.
  9. Cleaning Supplies
    No matter how clean of a home you kept, chances are there will be dust and cobwebs on some of your hard-to-reach belongings. You may be tempted to wait to clean them, but that will just track unnecessary dirt into your new clean home.
  10. Tools
    A basic tool set is a must when moving. Maybe you can’t fit the fridge through the door without taking off the handles or you want to remove your table’s legs to save space; chances are you’ll need quick access to tools.

Not sure where to get all the moving supplies on your list or ready to find a home for the boxes marked “storage?” Contact the professionals at Secure Self Storage for a one-stop shop for all your packing musts and an affordable, secure, climate-controlled solution to your new home storage needs.

6 Rules for Pest-Free Storage

Picture this: You’ve gone to find your great grandparents’ wedding album and your great grandmother’s wedding dress that you’ve had carefully stored for years and instead you find pictures with chew marks on them and a train full of holes. A not-so-friendly guest has gotten to your most important possessions and there’s nothing you can do about it! Now picture this: You’ve followed these six rules for pest-free storage and the album and dress are as intact and beautiful as the day you got them.

  1. Just say “no” to food
    Storing your belongings with food is basically an invitation for vermin and bugs. Even if you’re storing nonperishables and have never seen a pest in the area before, you’re setting yourself up for an infestation. Don’t store food with any of your belongings and vacuum the area often to keep it free from wandering crumbs.
  2. And say “yes” to plastic containers
    Airtight lids and plastic containers are your belongings’ first defense against unwanted guests. If you do need to turn to cardboard boxes, purchase new ones instead or reusing some you already have at home. They are stronger, typically have smaller gaps, and won’t have risky residue already built up inside.
  3. Raise it up
    Invest in some shelving or ask your local store if you can take the used (food-free) pallets they discard after receiving new shipments. Raising your belongings off the ground will not only make it more difficult for pests to find their way into your boxes, it will also protect them from damp floors and water damage.
  4. Wrap furniture
    Mattresses and upholstered furniture should be properly wrapped in plastic or cloth to prevent vermin and insects from burrowing into the fabric and destroying it. It is important to remember that these items should be thoroughly wrapped to keep things out, but also able to breathe to avoid moisture build-up.
  5. Use deterrents
    When all else fails, bug and vermin deterrents can work wonders. Bug sprays and strategically placed mousetraps are good ways to protect the area. If your belongings are stored in a place where a family pet may wander, make sure to use all-natural solutions like mothballs and cedar blocks.
  6. Turn to the professionals
    While home storage in your attic, basement, or garage is convenient, it’s not always ideal. The best way to ensure your important belongings are safe from pests (and to free up more space at home) is to store them at a self storage facility. These facilities are experts when it comes to keeping belongings in and pests out.

Now that you understand the best steps for pest-free storage and why a self storage facility may be the right choice for you, it’s time to find one that’s affordable, convenient, and even climate controlled. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage today and keep your belongings safe tomorrow–and every day after that.

5 Rooms Where Pegboards Peg Your Home Storage Needs

From elevated bed frames and hanging pan racks to bike lofts and ceiling shelves, there are an abundance of storage solutions for the ambitious homeowner. But if you’re looking for the simplest and most versatile option, pegboards can solve all your storage needs. An oldie but a goodie, pegboards have a long-standing reputation for easy tool storage in garages and sheds. If that’s the only place you’re utilizing them, however, then you’re missing out. Here are five other rooms where pegboards shine:

  1. Mudroom
    Whether it’s through the front or back door, your mudroom can set the tone for the rest of your house. When you have kids, pets, or just a lot of stuff, mudrooms can get easily overwhelmed and disorganized. Installing a simple pegboard ensures there’s a place for everything and everything in its place, from your kid’s backpack and your four-legged friend’s leash to your umbrellas, keys, and mail.
  2. Kitchen
    No matter how big your kitchen is, it just never seems to be quite big enough. If you’re tired of toppling Tupperware every time you open that cabinet by the stove and never being able to find the pizza cutter before the pie goes cold, pegboards in your kitchen are a recipe for success. Never rummage through a drawer again when you have your cutting boards, measuring cups, pots, pans, utensils, and rolling pins all in plain sight. Concerned your kitchen may feel cluttered? Install pegboards in your pantry instead for a storage solution that’s your secret.
  3. Closet
    “Out of sight, out of mind” is not the storage philosophy you want to live by, even when it comes to your closets. When you run out of hanger and floor space, what else are you supposed to do? Install a pegboard to conveniently—and beautifully—store and showcase your coats, hats, jewelry, pocketbooks, scarves, and more.
  4. Craft Room
    If you’re crafty enough to dedicate an entire room to it, your crafting tools and accessories deserve better treatment than being shoved into drawers. Keep your crafting supplies within reach and in top condition with a pegboard. It will accommodate naturally hanging items, like scissors, rolls of ribbon, and glue guns, and makes it easy to add shelves for things like paint and yarn and hanging baskets for brushes and knitting needles.
  5. Home Gym
    You want to break a sweat working out, not trying to organize your equipment and accessories. A pegboard makes hitting your home gym easier than ever before. While you do need to follow weight restriction guidelines when it comes to heavy equipment, pegboards are ideal for storing your jump rope, resistance bands, yoga mat, headphones, water bottle, and workout towel.

Installed pegboards throughout your house but still need more storage for things you don’t need regular access to? Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for an affordable, secure, climate-controlled solution to your storage needs.


How to Protect and Store Antique Dolls

Whether it’s a collection passed down to every new generation in your family or a passion that’s all your own, antique dolls need a level of care beyond Malibu Barbie standards. While displayed in your home, you’re able to ensure your collection is free from dust and the curious hands of your kids (or grandkids), but what happens when you need to place your precious dolls in storage? Here are some helpful tips to keeping your collection as beautiful and safe as the day it started.

  • Keep them shining
    Your collection should be thoroughly–and very carefully–cleaned prior to storage. The actual method to cleaning them isn’t the same as your typical process and varies depending on whether the doll is made up of porcelain, plastic, bisque, or cloth.
  • The dark is their friend
    Direct sunlight is especially harsh for delicate dolls and can fade their clothing and hair over time. If kept in a place lit by fluorescent lighting, dolls made of vinyl may actually turn green! That’s why your collection should be stored in the dark and only exposed to indirect sunlight when necessary.
  • Handle with care–and clean hands
    Before you or anyone else handles your collection, you need to make sure everyone’s hands are properly clean to avoid transfer of dirt and harmful oils. Also avoid moisturizing right before handling the dolls, as lotion can be especially harmful.
  • Keep them healthy
    If there is something that needs fixing on your dolls prior to putting them in storage or due to an accident while in storage, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, contact your local historical society for a referral to an antique doll “doctor” and preserve their integrity.
  • Treat them like Goldilocks
    Don’t let your collection get too hot or too cold. These fragile dolls are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and need to be stored in ideal conditions, not your attic or basement. Instead, opt for a climate-controlled environment, like a storage unit.

Now that you understand how to best care for your antique doll collection, it’s time to find a place they can call home until they can once again be displayed proudly. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for an affordable, secure, climate-controlled solution to your collection’s unique needs.


8 Ways to Stop Your Home’s Toy Invasion

Whether it’s dolls, action figures, stuffed animals, or interactive games, there will always be a new children’s toy kids want and old ones they refuse to give up. Before you know it, your house starts looking like a disorganized toy store stockroom. Before you sacrifice any more of your home’s square footage, consider these eight toy storage hacks. 

  1. Let Them Bunk with Their Toys- Did your kids used to share bunk beds before living in separate rooms? Don’t let that bottom bunk space go to waste! Remove the bed and use that real estate for a desk and toy storage. Not only will it help keep the room organized, but it will also open up space elsewhere.
  2. Cubbies Aren’t Just for School- Cubbies are a practical and simple way to keep toys organized and out of the way. You can purchase a full cubby or individual ones you can stack, based on your needs. Go one step further: Instead of tossing toys in the cubbies, place them in labeled boxes, baskets, or crates first

  3. Keep Bath Toys from Making a Splash- Bath time is messy enough on its own without factoring in tub-time toys. Corral them with a simple curtain rod across the wall and use zip ties or similar to attach small, porous buckets that keep them within reach when it’s playtime, and out of the way when you need to take a shower.

  4. Drive Cars Up the Wall- Tired of slipping on a toy car every time you walk across the living room? Garage them when they’re not in use by attaching a magnetic knife rack to the wall that their metal frames will stick to easily.
  5. Peg Those Soft-Dart Guns- Let them show off every kid’s favorite soft-dart collection while keeping your house uncluttered and organized. A pegboard like the ones you use to hang tools in your garage is a space-saving and fun way to store them.
  6. Give Loose Toys the Boot (Treatment)- Shoe organizers are a very versatile storage solution. Whether it’s over the door, hanging in the closet, or freestanding, they’re a simple—and affordable—way to keep small toys off the floor.

  7. Stuff Your Own Bean Bag Chair- No kid’s room is complete without a comfy bean bag chair! Make their chair pull double-duty when you remove the stuffing and replace it with their stuffed animals. When they want to play, they can simply unzip the bag and grab their favorite toys. Time to clean up? Another quick zip and you’d never even know they were there.

  8. Play the Frame Game- Do your children love a good board game night? Put them on display! Purchase inexpensive picture frames to keep the boards in and store the pieces and cards somewhere out of the way. Not only will this help keep your house free from clutter, but it’s also a unique decorating choice.  

Now you know how to save your home from a complete toy takeover, but what do you do with the toys they don’t play with anymore but aren’t ready to part with? Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for a climate-controlled, secure and affordable home for their childhood favorites.