5 Tips for Moving Off Campus: Your College Guide to Summer Break

  1. Bring only what you need When you moved to college, you had to carefully select what you’d be able to have in your dorm room or shared space. Do the same thing when you pack up to go home for the summer. After you establish all of the items that you need to bring home with […]

10 Pro Tips for Moving Homes (Stress Free)

According to a recent study, moving homes is one of the most stressful life events–even more stressful than getting divorced, raising children or starting a new job! This is surprising because moving into a new house is something most of us cannot avoid. As adaptable as we are, anyone who has moved is aware that […]

How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

clothing storage

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of clothing you own? Is it taking over your space but you can’t bear to part with it? Renting a self storage unit for storing your clothes is a great way to save space in your closet and keep everything in your collection. Learn more about how to store […]

How to Winterize Your Home

homes in the winter

Winter is here. Most of us will want to stay inside so don’t forget to do these home improvements first to ensure your home is warm, cozy, and protected from the elements! Winterizing your home can help you save energy and that can save you money on your heating bill—and potential headaches: There’s nothing worse […]

The Complete Christmas Lights Guide: Decorating & Storing

  How to Put Up Christmas Lights Ready to deck the halls? Then, it’s time to untangle the Christmas lights! Hanging Christmas lights is a fun, festive way to spread holiday cheer with friends and family inside your home and neighbors passing by. To get you decorating like a pro, we’ll review some popular Christmas […]