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Storage Tips

Maximize Your Storage Space, Minimize the Headache

Making the most out of your storage unit’s space equates to maximizing the value of your rental dollars. Careful packing can help even the smallest units fit an abundance of items.

  1. Store frequently used items near the front so you don’t have to go digging for them.

  2. Think vertically and stack your items within your unit accordingly.

  3. Keep light items on top of each stack.

  4. Put heavy items in boxes that fit them well, rather than overloading big boxes with them.

  5. Label boxes to stay organized and save time in the future.

  6. Invest in a high-quality padlock (sold at Secure Self Storage facilities) for added security.

  7. Disassemble furniture—and mark pieces accordingly—for neater storage.

  8. Leave an aisle through the center of your unit for easier access to items in the back.

  9. Use plastic to wrap any items you want to stay dust-free.

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