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10 Items to Never Store in Your Attic or Basement

When it comes to home organization, both the attic and basement seem like attractive options. However, many items are not suitable for this type of storage. Before buying storage solutions for your attic or basement, consider the conditions of these spaces. Humidity, temperature fluctuations, and lack of ventilation can ruin items. Keep reading as we dive into 10 items you should think twice about before storing them in your attic or basement.

1. Delicate Fabrics

Attics and basements tend to experience extreme temperature changes, which can be harmful to delicate fabrics such as silk or lace. When exposed to heat and humidity, these materials may degrade over time. Additionally, pests often have access to attics and basements and can quickly nestle their way into fabrics, leading to holes and deterioration. 

2. Wood Furniture

The humidity in basements can warp and damage wood furniture, altering its appearance and integrity. Wood expands and contracts based on temperature conditions, and sunlight can also ruin wood finishes. Always consider climate control or choose alternative storage spaces to preserve your wooden items. 

3. Electronics

Electronics and moisture do not mix. The humidity typically found in basements and the heat in attics can cause irreparable damage to your electronic devices. Always store electronics in climate-controlled environments. 

4. Important Documents

While it might seem convenient to store old documents in these out-of-the-way places, humidity can make papers moldy and illegible. Opt for a dry, cool area instead.

5. Wine

Temperature fluctuations in attics and basements are not conducive to wine storage, which requires a stable environment to age correctly without spoiling. 

6. Artwork

Heat, humidity, and potential leaks in attics and basements can damage your valuable artwork. Store art in a climate-controlled room to protect it or, at the very least, make sure your artwork is covered. 

7. Photographs

Like important documents, photographs can be affected by humidity, leading to fading and deterioration. Store photographs in albums in a temperature-controlled environment.

8. Candles

Storing candles in the attic, especially during summer, can lead to melting and deformation. The basement isn’t ideal either due to potential dampness affecting the wick.

9. Food (Including Pet Food)

Food stored in basements can attract pests, and temperature swings in attics can spoil it quickly. Keep food in a pantry or kitchen cabinet instead. If you are storing food long-term, we recommend climate-controlled storage units. 

10. Leather Goods

Similar to most fabrics, leather can mold and crack when stored in damp basements or hot attics. Consider alternative storage solutions that maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level.


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