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Your 10 Point College Move-In Checklist

College move-in day can be overwhelming, to say the least. New faces, new places and emotional farewells are a lot to handle; add in the actual moving-in part and things can quickly descend into chaos. Unfortunately, you can’t just snap your fingers to magically unpack and neatly organize your belongings, but you can make the entire process a lot easier! We’ve prepared a checklist of 10 tips for a less stressful move-in this August!

1. Time it Right.

Find out when your roommate is planning on moving in and schedule around them. If you end up there at the same time, odds are there will be way too much going. Plus, space-wise, dorm rooms tend not accommodate multiple family members and dozens of boxes packed to the brim!

2. Pack a Bag of Essentials.

Getting ready to go to bed after a long first day will be a lot harder if you can’t find your toothbrush and have to rummage through everything for your favorite pajamas. Just in case you don’t get to unpack and organize everything that day, pack a small bag of your bedtime essentials!

3. Refuel.

Moving in is hard work! Make sure to pack some water and snacks for a quick break to refuel before heading back to the car to get the second half of your stuff.

4. Dress for the Occasion.

It’s your first day at college and you want to dress to impress, that’s understandable! When picking out your outfit, remember that moving-in is a lot of physical work. You might want to pick out something more comfortable rather than an outfit that will limit your move-in day prowess!

5. Scrub it Down.

It’s hard to look at your bare room and think that someone else lived there a whole year before you. That being said, you might want to clean it before you settle in. Even if your college says they cleaned it before you arrived, it doesn’t hurt to take a second sweep!

6. Check What’s Allowed.

Many colleges have restrictions as to what you can and cannot bring into the dorms. Familiarize yourself so you don’t waste car space with items that are only going to be confiscated or hitching a ride back home with mom and dad.

7. Prioritize.

Have a game plan when you walk into your dorm room. It helps to fully unpack one part of your room before moving on to the next part. Do the important things first, like setting up your bed. Leave the decorating for last, no matter how much your bland walls are driving you crazy!

8. Buy Things There.

One way to increase car space is to wait to buy bigger items once you are there. If there are stores that carry those essentials closer to school, pick them up once you have everything else in your dorm room squared away.

9. Be Organized.

Pack smart! How you pack makes all the difference when it comes time to unpack. Put loose items in bigger boxes or containers for easier transport. Make sure you don’t lose anything in the transfer by labeling your things with your last name and room number. Lastly, keep related items together and label each box by its type.

10. Don’t Overpack. 

Don’t make the rookie mistake of packing up your entire room, plus more, and expecting it all to fit in your significantly smaller, shared dorm room. You’ll soon find that you didn’t need half the things you brought, so do your research! Ask seasoned dormers, look up packing lists, and think critically about what you really need to bring.

Follow this move-in day checklist to make your transition to college a little easier! You’ll get into the swing of things and before you know it, it’ll be time to pack up and head home. When that time comes, contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage to store all your college belongings for the summer!