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5 Things To Do Before Storing your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is an investment that beautifies your space, creates room for entertainment, and makes your own corner of the great outdoors feel more like home. With the harsh winter approaching, it’s time to protect your pieces from the elements and tuck them away for the season. We’ve compiled five tips to help you properly store your outdoor furniture so it looks its best when it comes time to move the party back outside!

1. Wash Your Cushions.

Make sure to wash your furniture cushions before you put them into storage. This will kill any mold and mildew before they can worsen when packed away. Dust off and vacuum dirt and pests before putting cushions in the washing machine. If your covers aren’t removable, scrub them by hand instead. If you use bleach to kill mildew, wear plastic gloves and read the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag to avoid damaging your cushions (and your hands).

2. Clean According to the Type.

Outdoor furniture is made of a variety of materials, so remember to clean accordingly. Most materials, like metal and plastic, can be thoroughly cleaned with a homemade soap-and-water solution. Clean glass furniture simply with glass cleaner. To clean wicker furniture, brush it with a water-and-bleach solution before rinsing with water. Though they are sometimes more efficient, be wary of using pressure washers to expedite your cleaning. They may actually do more damage to your furniture, especially pieces made of weaker materials like wicker.

3. Leave Them to Dry.

It’s important to make sure your furniture is dry before storing. Leftover moisture and dirt can cause mildew to grow over time. To help with the drying process, don’t fully drench your wicker and wood items. They tend to absorb water, making it harder for them to dry completely.

4. Time for a Tune-Up!

You might want to throw a fresh coat of paint or a protective finish or wax on your outdoor furniture so it’ll look as good as new when you take it out again. For any folding tables, chairs or umbrellas, lubricate the frames’ moving joints to keep them working properly.

5. Cover and Stack.

Once you’re ready to move your furniture inside for the winter, stack your chairs and tables to make good use of your space. Finally, cover your furniture with a tarp or blanket to protect from dust and moisture.

Now that you know how to properly store your outdoor furniture during the winter season, you need a spacious and safe place to do so. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage to find the perfect spot for your outdoor furniture until it’s time to break it out again for spring!