Secure Self Storage

5 Tips for Using a Self-Storage Unit in the Winter

Using a self-storage unit for seasonal items can free up more space at your home or office and help keep your seasonal belongings in tip-top shape.

How to keep your self-stored items safe and secure over the winter months:

1. Climate Controlled Storage Units

Certain delicate items are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Climate-controlled storage units will keep your belongings safe from damage caused by fluctuating temperatures. At Secure Self Storage, all of our storage units are climate-controlled to keep your items safe from cracking, warping, or rotting.

2. Use Insulation

Using insulation to cover your items in the winter is always a good idea. Breathable fabrics like cotton blankets or towels are ideal. Avoid vinyl and plastic covers that can trap moisture.

3. Clean Your Items Before Storing

Cleaning and covering items before storing them in the winter is essential. Dirt and grime can cause deterioration to your belongings over long periods of storage.

4. Prep Items for Storage

Different items require different measures of preparation for storage. Properly preparing for storage will help to protect your belongings from damage.

5. Winterize Vehicles Before Parking Them in Vehicle Storage

If you plan to park your vehicle, RV, or boat in a secure storage lot, be sure to winterize it in advance. Taking the necessary steps to prepare your car for storage will ensure it’s in great shape when the snow melts.

Secure Self Storage offers the most secure, climate-controlled facilities with 24/7 security to protect all of your belongings at an affordable price. Check out our special offers or contact one of our storage experts so you can start storing today.