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8 Packing Hacks for the Perfect Vacation

Are you taking a break from the daily grind and getting ready for your next vacation like nearly 100 million Americans? You’ve set an Out of Office reminder on your work email and phone, asked a neighbor to bring in your mail and water your plants, and ensured your four-legged friends are taken care of, but what about your suitcase? Packing for vacations—especially ones that include flying—can be overwhelming and make people anxious, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are eight packing hacks to start your vacation right!

1. Check it Off.

Start simple and make a list of specific items to pack. Don’t say “shoes” when you need to bring sandals for the beach and hiking boots for that walking tour, “jewelry” when you want that necklace that complements your favorite dress, or “toiletries” when you have medications, contact lenses, and your favorite shampoo. Not only will itemized lists help ensure you don’t forget a thing, your anxiety will lessen with every checkmark you make!

2. Do Your Airline Homework.

Airline baggage policies are anything but simple and have also become more expensive. While some airlines charge $30 or more for a checked bag, other airlines comp your first one. Luggage dimensions and weight limits can also vary depending on the airline, and the last thing you want is to be stopped at the gate because your carry-on is too big or heavy. Save yourself some time (and money) and research your airline’s policies before you pack.

3. Roll with It.

If you’ve had trouble with space limitations and wrinkled clothes in the past, this hack is going to change the way you travel for good. Roll your clothes instead of folding them and you’ll open up much more room and avoid pesky wrinkles. Because, really, who wants to iron on vacation?

4. Pack Outfits, Not Clothes.

We’ve all been there: You pack X number of shirts and X number of bottoms, but then you start to get ready and realize none of them go together, or that one of your favorite pieces never gets worn. Avoid this by packing laid out outfits instead of just enough clothes to last the number of days you need. Your mood (and pictures) will thank you.

5. Carry-On the Essentials.

Anything of high value (like your tablet or expensive jewelry) and importance (like your medication and phone charger) should stay with you at all times to avoid getting lost, stolen, or broken. You should also pack an emergency outfit on the unpleasant off-chance your luggage lands in Texas when you land in Hawaii.

6. Keep Things Dry.

There’s nothing worse than opening up your suitcase to discover all of your clothes are damp. Whether the culprit is a loose cap on your body wash or the bathing suit you didn’t let hang dry long enough, avoid the irritation and discomfort by putting all liquids and any damp clothes in plastic bags first.

7. Play Meteorologist.

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to be caught off-guard by unexpected weather. While it’s still possible for a curveball from Mother Nature, prepare yourself as best you can by checking the forecast before you leave so you know just how much sunscreen you’ll need and whether to pack a poncho.

8. Save Room for Souvenirs.

A great vacation tends to end with an abundance of souvenirs to remember the good times and share with the people waiting for you at home. Make sure you have enough empty space between your carry-on and checked bag or you may have to pay to ship them.

Now that you know how to make the most of your space and pack your suitcases the optimal way, you’ll need a place to store your trusty traveling gear until your next vacation! Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for a secure and affordable home for your favorite jet setting accessories.