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8 Ways to Stop Your Home’s Toy Invasion

Whether it’s dolls, action figures, stuffed animals, or interactive games, there will always be a new children’s toy kids want and old ones they refuse to give up. Before you know it, your house starts looking like a disorganized toy store stockroom. Before you sacrifice any more of your home’s square footage, consider these eight toy storage hacks. 

1. Let Them Bunk with Their Toys

Did your kids used to share bunk beds before living in separate rooms? Don’t let that bottom bunk space go to waste! Remove the bed and use that real estate for a desk and toy storage. Not only will it help keep the room organized, but it will also open up space elsewhere.

2. Cubbies Aren’t Just for School

Cubbies are a practical and simple way to keep toys organized and out of the way. You can purchase a full cubby or individual ones you can stack, based on your needs. Go one step further: Instead of tossing toys in the cubbies, place them in labeled boxes, baskets, or crates first

3. Keep Bath Toys from Making a Splash

Bath time is messy enough on its own without factoring in tub-time toys. Corral them with a simple curtain rod across the wall and use zip ties or similar to attach small, porous buckets that keep them within reach when it’s playtime, and out of the way when you need to take a shower.

4. Drive Cars Up the Wall

Tired of slipping on a toy car every time you walk across the living room? Garage them when they’re not in use by attaching a magnetic knife rack to the wall that their metal frames will stick to easily.

5. Peg Those Soft-Dart Guns

Let them show off every kid’s favorite soft-dart collection while keeping your house uncluttered and organized. A pegboard like the ones you use to hang tools in your garage is a space-saving and fun way to store them.

6. Give Loose Toys the Boot (Treatment)

Shoe organizers are a very versatile storage solution. Whether it’s over the door, hanging in the closet, or freestanding, they’re a simple—and affordable—way to keep small toys off the floor.

7. Stuff Your Own Bean Bag Chair

No kid’s room is complete without a comfy bean bag chair! Make their chair pull double-duty when you remove the stuffing and replace it with their stuffed animals. When they want to play, they can simply unzip the bag and grab their favorite toys. Time to clean up? Another quick zip and you’d never even know they were there.

8. Play the Frame Game

 Do your children love a good board game night? Put them on display! Purchase inexpensive picture frames to keep the boards in and store the pieces and cards somewhere out of the way. Not only will this help keep your house free from clutter, but it’s also a unique decorating choice.

Now you know how to save your home from a complete toy takeover, but what do you do with the toys they don’t play with anymore but aren’t ready to part with? Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for a climate-controlled, secure and affordable home for their childhood favorites.