Secure Self Storage

In Appreciation of Our Military Servicemen and Women

No matter if you’re a cadet graduating from West Point, a soldier stationed in Fort Drum, a National Guardsman or reservist stationed at NSA Saratoga Springs or any other U.S. military base in the world, chances are, sooner or later, you will be assigned to a new post or sent overseas. To help make your life easier as you make our lives safer, here are five tips for storing your belongings while you’re deployed.

Less is more.

In the higher cost of living areas where housing space can be at a premium, it makes sense to store most of your belongings while you are away. Bringing fewer things with you will allow you to live more comfortably in a smaller space and keep housing costs to a minimum.

Store your car, too.

Very often, figuring out what to do with your car while you’re away can become an issue. Lending it to a friend or relative can be an option but not without its own concerns. That’s why many service members often choose to store their vehicles. Vehicle self storage not only protects your car from the sun, weather and paint oxidation, it also helps retain the resale value. It’s one less thing to think about for busy servicemen and women.

Location is key.

If you’re on assignment or are being deployed, store your items in a facility located in the city you’ll be returning to. Similarly, if your military career is ending soon, place your valuables in a facility near your intended future home, so so everything is there, ready for you to arrive. This simple idea can go a long way in reducing your stress during deployment and on your return.

Consider the damage weather can do.

Depending on where your storage unit is located, you may want to consider climate-controlled storage. If you’re going to be storing things for an extended period of time, fluctuating temperatures and humidity can easily damage your possessions. Be sure your self storage facility has climate-controlled units to protect your valuables.

Find a storage facility with quality security features.

When considering a self-storage facility, look for one that provides state-of-the-art security systems, gated access, video surveillance and alarmed units.

Secure Self Storage has locations throughout the Northeast, convenient for military personnel and their families. Contact one of our convenient locations today for specials on climate-controlled, secure storage units.