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Halloween Décor Storage 101

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to unleash the ghosts, goblins, and skeletons to transform your home into a haunted haven. While the excitement of decorating is contagious, the aftermath can be overwhelming (especially if you have a ton of decorations).

Keep reading to learn our best Halloween storage tips and space-saving ideas to store your Halloween decorations with ease.


Tips for Storing Halloween Decorations

Categorize your collection

Before you dive into the storage process, categorize your Halloween decorations. Separate items by type, such as outdoor Halloween decorations and indoor décor, sharp objects vs. rip-prone blow-ups, and more. This initial step will make the organization process much smoother, and it ensures all your items remain in top condition.

Label everything

Invest in a label maker or add DIY labels to your storage bins. Clearly mark each container with its contents, making it easier to locate specific decorations when it’s time to resurrect them next year.

Protect fragile items

Fragile Halloween décor, like delicate figurines or glass ornaments, requires extra care (much like Christmas tree ornaments). Wrap them in bubble wrap or tissue paper before stowing them away.


DIY Halloween Décor Storage Solutions

Repurpose everyday items

Look around your home for unused containers and boxes, baskets, and even old blankets that can be repurposed for Halloween décor storage. Blankets can be used for protecting delicate items and labeled boxes work just the same as a storage container.

Create a hanging system

Maximize your space by utilizing vertical storage. Hang large decorations like spooky signs or banners on pegboards or sturdy hooks. This not only saves space but also keeps your decorations visible and easily accessible for next season.

Build custom shelves

If you love Halloween so much that you can’t bear the thought of putting your large collection of Halloween décor away consider building custom shelves in your storage area. This allows you to display these items while keeping them organized. Storage shelves can also be purchased. 

Put them in a storage unit

Another consideration is keeping a Halloween self-storage unit. Stashing your Halloween decorations in a self-storage facility like Secure Self Storage not only keeps your living space clutter-free year-round but also ensures that your obsession with the spookiest season is ready to unleash its eerie charm at a moment’s notice.


Space-Saving Halloween Décor Storage

Vacuum-seal storage bags

Save space by using vacuum-seal storage bags for items like costumes or fabric decorations (like DIY ghosts). These bags reduce volume and protect your valued Halloween décor from dust and moisture.

Stackable Halloween storage bins

Invest in stackable storage bins to save even more room. These bins often come in various sizes, allowing you to create a compact and organized storage system.


Halloween Décor Storage Containers

Clear plastic bins

Opt for clear plastic storage bins if you want to easily identify the contents without opening each container. This is especially useful when you’re searching for specific decorations.

Decorative Halloween storage totes

If clear isn’t your thing and you want your storage solutions to be decorative explore the market of Halloween-themed storage totes! These totes often come in fun designs and are perfect for keeping your decorations safe. Target does this well with black, orange, and purple bins, you can also get them in bulk on Amazon.


Still wondering where you’re going to store your Halloween décor? Look no further, Secure Self Storage is the leader in self-storage solutions and offers units of all sizes so you can securely store all your Halloween decorations without sacrificing living space. Learn more about our special offers today!