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How to Protect and Store Antique Dolls

Whether it’s a collection passed down to every new generation in your family or a passion that’s all your own, antique dolls need a level of care beyond Malibu Barbie standards. While displayed in your home, you’re able to ensure your collection is free from dust and the curious hands of your kids (or grandkids), but what happens when you need to place your precious dolls in storage? Here are some helpful tips to keeping your collection as beautiful and safe as the day it started.

1. Keep them shining

Your collection should be thoroughly–and very carefully–cleaned prior to storage. The actual method to cleaning them isn’t the same as your typical process and varies depending on whether the doll is made up of porcelain, plastic, bisque, or cloth.

2. The dark is their friend

Direct sunlight is especially harsh for delicate dolls and can fade their clothing and hair over time. If kept in a place lit by fluorescent lighting, dolls made of vinyl may actually turn green! That’s why your collection should be stored in the dark and only exposed to indirect sunlight when necessary.

3. Handle with care–and clean hands

Before you or anyone else handles your collection, you need to make sure everyone’s hands are properly clean to avoid transfer of dirt and harmful oils. Also avoid moisturizing right before handling the dolls, as lotion can be especially harmful.

4. Keep them healthy

If there is something that needs fixing on your dolls prior to putting them in storage or due to an accident while in storage, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, contact your local historical society for a referral to an antique doll “doctor” and preserve their integrity.

5. Treat them like Goldilocks

Don’t let your collection get too hot or too cold. These fragile dolls are very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and need to be stored in ideal conditions, not your attic or basement. Instead, opt for a climate-controlled environment, like a storage unit.

Now that you understand how to best care for your antique doll collection, it’s time to find a place they can call home until they can once again be displayed proudly. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage for an affordable, secure, climate-controlled solution to your collection’s unique needs.