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Pantry a Mess? Here Are Four Ways to Organize It

Just because your pantry is covered by a door (out of sight, out of mind, right?) doesn’t mean that it should be a disorganized mess on the inside. In fact, when your pantry items are nicely labelled and easily accessible, it’s easier to cook, plan out meals and make food shopping lists—because you’ll know exactly when you have, what you need and where to find. Not sure of where to begin with the mayhem behind your pantry door? Not to worry. Here are five tips from the storage experts at Secure Self Storage, so you can get your pantry—and life—more organized.

Before you organize, be sure to empty.

While organizing your pantry may have you all giddy inside (we get it), first you need to do the not so fun part: empty the entire While this may seem like it’ll take a ton of time, it’ll instead help you accurately plan out your pantry, as well as your food shopping list. By taking everything out, you’ll be able to see which foods can be paired with each other, what needs to get thrown out and what foods you’re low on, saving you time in the end.

Mimic your style with containers.

While clear, plastic containers are an obvious choice when organizing your pantry, there are other options that allow you to add a personal touch to your pantry. For instance, if your home has a bohemian vibe, opt for boho containers to store your pantry items, such as mason jars, wicker baskets or vintage milk crates. To take the guessing game out of what’s inside, clearly label each jar, basket or crate with a brief description.

Awkward pantry shape? Say hello to Susan.

If you look at the corner of your pantry and see a waste of space, then it’s time to purchase a Lazy Susan (or several). By installing a Lazy Susan onto each shelf in the corner of your pantry, you’ll not only maximize your pantry’s space, but you’ll be able to easily reach the items in the back of with an easy spin of the Lazy Susan.

Appraise your pantry once a week.

After being opened and rummaged through many times a day for a week, pantry items are bound to get messy and disorganized. To save yourself time in the future (and from having to go through this whole process again), keep tabs on your pantry once a week and do a simple, quick cleaning. Plus, you’ll learn which foods can be tossed—saving you space—and which foods you’re low on, making food shopping a breeze.

For more tips on how to store the items in your pantry so you can get—and keep—it organized, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.