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Repurposing Is the New Recycling

Whether you keep unused items stashed away in your home or are constantly throwing things out, chances are you’re missing an opportunity. The growing DIY trend and the eco-friendly recycling movement have merged to create ways to repurpose everyday household and broken items alike. Keep reading to discover new ways to turn your “trash” into treasure.

Picture frames

Picture frames are incredibly versatile and can range greatly in price. The next time you break the glass on a frame or no longer want to use it, consider other options before discarding it. Run some picture wire across the frame to can create a unique and functional way to display earrings. With the addition of some hooks, you now have a very stylish key holder. Some attractive fabric and even some handles will leave you with a funky tray.

Broken or “used” household items

These items are full of potential. A broken flowerpot can be transformed into a garden marker by simply writing the name of the plant or herb on the broken rim and burying it slightly into the ground. Turn opened metal bottle caps into colorful tea light candles by adding a wick and pouring melted crayon onto it for the wax. Broken stemware can be used to give light to plants by putting a tea light into the glass and putting the stem inside the plant’s dirt. If the handle on your rake breaks, you can use the (cleaned) rake top as a funky utensil hanger or wine glass holder.

Turn ordinary items into barbeque or picnic accessories

Add flair to your get-togethers. For example, a leaky bucket can be repurposed as a holder for utensils. Clean toothbrushes can be used to remove stray threads of silk from shucked ears of corn. A six-pack beer or soda carrier can be reimagined as a carrier for condiments and utensils thanks to its compartments. Serving brunch? Old ketchup bottles can be used as a batter dispenser for better-shaped pancakes.

Add some organization to your home

You can organize your home with common items you probably already own. Binder clips are an easy way to keep your cables organized. Empty tissue boxes can be used to store plastic bags for easy use instead of storing them in a pile under your sink. Use those return-address stickers you keep getting in the mail to brand books, Tupperware or any other items as yours. Plastic Easter eggs can easily pull double duty as snack containers. Empty coffee cans are perfect for storing yarn and other crafting supplies.

For other items that you aren’t using but can’t bear to throw away or repurpose, like old photos, trip souvenirs, and baby clothes and toys, consider renting a storage unit. Contact the professionals at Secure Self Storage and see how easy it is to have your keepsakes AND space in your home.