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3 Reasons to Downsize Your Possessions

The advent of a new year often brings with it resolutions to improve one’s life, whether it’s designating a “mantra” for the year or compiling a list. One area that could use some work: the amount of stuff you own. The idea of downsizing isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to most people. It conjures images of endlessly scrutinizing everything you own to find which one of your precious belongings you will be throwing out next. Though this process isn’t easy, there are a few ways that this often-avoided activity will pay you back.

You’ll Feel Better

As much as we like to justify everything we have lying around our home, we all know that stuff stacked up in our closet is really just causing us more stress every time we think about it. Every little thing takes up a bit more mental real estate, like the stacks of magazines on the living room table, kitchen cabinets cluttered with an excess of plates, or the knowledge that you have a ridiculous amount of stuff stored under your bed. Getting around to getting that stuff out of your house might make you feel like you can finally relax. If some of things are items you’ll truly need in the future, consider temporary storage in one of Secure Self Storage’s mini storage units.

You’ll Save Money

Once your home is truly organized, it might feel like you’re living in a completely different place. While you’ll be relieved at the amount of space you have, things might feel a little empty. Take this opportunity to rearrange your remaining belongings and embrace the empty space. Call your most design-oriented friend for his or her input on your space. The results might be something you’d never consider!

You’ll Buy Fewer Things

Once you see how good you feel and how organized your house looks, you’ll think twice about introducing new items into your home–which, in the long run, can lead to significant savings. Imagine loving everything in your living room or kitchen rather than wishing you could upgrade. Holding out for just the right item will mean you don’t spend elsewhere on cheap imitations.

If you need a space to take stock of your items and de-junk, consider a Secure Self Storage mini storage or full-sized unit. Call us now to learn about our current special offers.