Secure Self Storage

Keeping the Holidays Stress Free

The holidays are right around the corner. You and your family are sure to have a great time, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some stress involved. Whether it’s hiding gifts from the kids or finding a place for all those decorations, some parts of the holiday season just aren’t that fun. Let Secure Self Storage give you a hand and help you make this time of year as relaxing as it should be.

Simplify Decoration Storage

Running low on space? Storing decorations in one of Secure Self Storage’s mini storage units is a great way to save closet space and keep those decorations out of the way until the next time you need them.

When storing your decorations, it pays to be careful. Simply adding a twist tie or two around a string of lights can be the difference between a tangled nightmare and a pleasantly organized box of decorations. For Christmas lights, try wrapping them around an empty coffee can (which you can also fill with other decorations). As for more sensitive objects such as glass ornaments, placing them in cups or empty egg cartons is an easy way to avoid a disaster.

Set Aside a Holiday Area in Your Unit

Your annual holiday decorations are going to be some of the least-used items in your storage unit. Take this into account when you are finding a spot in your unit to pack them up. There is nothing wrong with putting them in the back corner of your unit, since you are only going to need to get to them once a year.

An Ideal Gift Hiding Spot

Whether it’s the basement or the attic or the far corner of your closet, finding a spot for your Christmas gifts usually isn’t too difficult. But if you live in a small apartment with the gift recipient, you might feel like nowhere is safe. If this sounds like your situation, consider using your storage unit.

Ready to let the holidays begin? Visit a nearby Secure Self Storage facility to get started, and you’ll get a free month of storage!