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3 Things You Really Need to Toss

You ever give your house a good dejunking and then discover that it doesn’t really look that much better? Chances are there are some items that you skipped over and didn’t even consider throwing out. Here are just a few examples of the sorts of things people tend to think they should just keep around, even if they shouldn’t.

1. All Those Clothes

Everyone has those articles of clothing that they keep holding onto for no good reason. A classic example is the “It’ll Fit Me Eventually” shirt. Let’s face it, it’s been sitting in your closet for over a year. Getting rid of it will give you better peace of mind without the self caused guilt-trip or the clutter that article of clothing is contributing to. Another candidate is that tattered old favorite. It might be a pair of pants you love, but the knee rips have crossed the line from stylish to just plain old tattered. If the piece of clothing is too beat up to wear, it’s too beat up to stay in your closet.

2. Old Electronics

Remember those off-white and gray colors the latest electronics used to be in the ’90s? If your basement or closet is a sea of that hue, it’s time to get to tossing. Chances are you have one or two modern computers in your home, so you don’t have a use for that old desktop. The same goes for old CRT televisions. They take up a huge amount of space, and if you decide that you really need a TV in your bedroom, people are giving away CRTs away every day on Craigslist. Just be sure you dispose of electronics responsibilities—your town, county or state may have a disposal program or some major electronics stores have recycle bins.

3. Toys

With each kid comes a basement corner filled with dusty toys. When you child loses interest, it’s time for them to go. You might entertain thoughts of holding onto them for your grandkids, but let’s be honest, your grandchild is going to receive tons of toys anyway. Maybe you don’t need to get rid of every single one, but try to pare it down to a box or two.

These things won’t be missed, we promise. For those items you don’t want around, but still want to hold onto, store with Secure Self Storage. Call us or stop by to find out about our great deals, like our free month of storage to start.