Secure Self Storage

Easy Ways to Organize Your Home

When it comes to mini storage and staying organized, Secure Self Storage is the expert both in storage at our facilities and storage at home. These room-by-room tips will show you how to keep every inch of your house looking tidy and organized.


With so many small utensils, cooking supplies and food, keeping your kitchen organized can be easier said than done. Don’t have a good place for big utensils and items such as oven mitts? Apply some temporary pegs or hooks on your wall. Pots, frying pans, dish towels and aprons are also great things to hang on the walls or suspended from the ceiling.

Living Room

As the room that gets the most foot traffic, your living room is going to get messy. Tables get covered in random items, and toys are strewn over every surface. A simple solution for many of the things that make our living rooms messy is simply a few containers or bins. Think creatively. By putting a small decorative bowl on your coffee table, you’ve made it look a bit nicer and also found a place for your keys, wallet and mail. Get children in on the organization mission by making cleaning up a competitive game.


No place should be as neat and tidy more than your bedroom. Regularly storing items under your bed can be a bad idea, as it’s not a place you look often. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for you to make use of that space. Adding small shelves or drawers beneath your bed can keep your items easy to access. If your night table doesn’t provide much storage, consider replacing it with one that has drawers and shelves to work with.


Closets are a whole lot more useful if you can actually find the things you are looking for in them. If your closets don’t have shelves, it’s simple enough to add them. Books, boxes and just about anything else can be put on them, and you can open up precious floor space. A good tactic to make your closet easier to use is to put the items you make the most use of at eye level, while putting the items you use less closer to the floor.

If you need a bit more storage space after you are done organizing your home, Secure Self Storage is the place to go. When you call or visit us and sign up, we will also give you a free month of personal storage to start.