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4 Ways to Utilize Storage for Home Décor

Are you obsessed with home décor and constantly changing your style preferences? Thanks to all the social media platforms out there these days, it’s easier than ever to get inspired, but it’s not always easy to transition a space from an old, rustic chic love to a new, modern obsession. But with the help of a self storage unit, you can realize your new vision without the oh-so-five-years-ago décor cluttering your space—and without throwing away any items you may want again in the future. Here are four tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage that will help you turn your new décor dreams into a reality—sans clutter and regret.

1. Make painting a breeze.

When your aesthetics change, your paint preferences may change, too. To ensure your furniture doesn’t get paint splattered on it, consider storing your pieces in a self storage unit. Just be sure to find a facility that offers flexible options so you can utilize the unit for as long as you need. And who knows? With the furniture out of your space, you may realize you need to change more than just the color of the walls.

2. Don’t let supplies clutter your space.

As a true home décor enthusiast, you may have acquired a decent amount of materials over the years such as paint cans, paint rollers and brushes, electric drills, a ladder, etc. Depending on the amount of space you have, you may not have the luxury of storing these items in your home or apartment. To avoid these supplies disrupting your feng shui, place them in a climate-controlled unit, so they’re in optimal shape when the time comes for you to use them yet again.

3. Keep up-for-sale items out of your space.

Keeping up with constantly changing décor preferences can become pricey, so when you know you no longer want an item, your best bet is to sell it. However, no one wants an old, unwanted item in their home blocking the new, beloved pieces. Rather than feeling in a rush to sell (and potentially accepting less than what you deserve to make off of it), store the piece in a self storage unit, buying you the time—and space—you want.

4. Play it safe and store it.

Sure, there may be some pieces you just know you’ll never want again, but if there’s any doubt, it’s best to store it. Investing in a unit now can save you tons in the future, because after all, as quickly as your style changed this year, it may change back over time. Plus, inspiration to repaint or refinish a piece may strike one day, and when it does, you’ll be ready.

For more tips how a self-storage unit can help benefit your constantly changing home décor wants and needs, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.