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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: 4 Way to Decide Which Furniture to Move or Toss

Just because you have an emotional attachment to a piece of furniture or you got it for free back in college doesn’t mean that it should be moved into your new home. But how can you separate emotion from reality so your home doesn’t look like a hot mess? Here are four tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage to take the guess work out of it, so the furniture in your new home will look updated, cohesive and reflect who you are—no eeny, meeny needed here.

When a piece leaves you achy.

If you stand up out of chair or off of couch and feel like you need to see a chiropractor, then it’s time to get rid of it. These pieces of furniture should make you feel comfortable and more relaxed, not stressed and in pain, so not moving these anywhere but to the curb is a no brainer.

You avoid a room.

If you find yourself avoiding a certain room in favor of another one, it may be because you don’t like the way the furniture looks or feels. If you catch yourself doing this, why would you want to move any of it to your new home? Evaluate which pieces are making you avoid this room—it may be that uncomfortable couch or that coffee table with the jammed drawer—and when you figure it out, toss it ASAP.

A piece shows its age.

Over the years, some pieces may show their age and usage more than others. If your couch’s pillows have a permanent butt print in them, a chair has multiple stains or tears or a piece has dents, scratches or broken hardware, than salvaging them just isn’t worth it. If you love a particular piece and are willing to put money into fixing it up so its worthy of being in your new home, then placing it in a storage unit before you move is the best option. This way it’s out of your way during moving day, you have time to get settled into your new home and you’ll have time to get a better grasp of how the piece should be reworked.

Time vs. harmony.

Moving into a new home can be expensive, so furniture and décor is usually purchased a few pieces at a time. Overtime, you’ll find that you accumulate a lot of stuff, but if your style preferences have changed or you purchased a few doozies (we’ve all been there), then your pieces may conflict with one another. You’ll want to start off in your new home with harmonious décor, so evaluate the furniture and décor you have before you move and decide on the theme or mood you want your new home to have. Keep any pieces that fit this description and trash any that conflict with it.

For more tips on how to make your furniture decision making as easy 1-2-3 before your big move, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.