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5 Creative Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts

There are so many reasons to love the holiday season. The cheerful spirit in the air, spending time with loved ones, and the joy of exchanging thoughtful gifts with friends and family make for fun times and great memories. This season, make your gifts stand out from under the tree with these five creative ways to spruce up your holiday giftwrapping.

1. A Sweet Surprise.

Attach treats like holiday cookies and candy canes to your presents to make gift giving extra sweet! Use customized holiday cookies as nametags or pinch candy packets in the center and secure with a string for a bow that can be eaten.

2. It’s for You!

Creatively label your gifts in a more personal way. Spell out your recipient’s name in letter game tiles and glue them together or use paint samples for a colorful nametag. You can also attach your favorite picture of you two to the front of the present with thin string or ribbon.

3. Bring It to Life.

A 3-D feature can add character to your overall presentation. Small flower arrangements, plant sprigs, Christmas ornaments, small wreaths, and bells make the perfect accent. Tie smaller gifts to the backs of stuffed toys, plastic animals, or toy cars to create the illusion that a caravan is transporting the present.

4. Customize Your Paper.

Not impressed by the wrapping paper at the store? Make your own! Wrap your gifts in white or brown butcher paper and customize with illustrations, painted designs, ink stamps, stickers or handwritten messages of holiday wishes. Use black paper and white chalk for a trendy blackboard look.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

There are many things lying around your house you can repurpose as wrapping paper. Use old sheet music, the comic sections of your local newspaper, maps, or last year’s holiday cards. Add some ribbon to tie the look together and you’ll have an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and uniquely wrapped present.

Now that you know five new tips to boost your giftwrapping abilities, you need a place to keep your supplies once the holiday season ends. Store all your wrapping accessories at Secure Self Storage until it’s time to deck the halls next year!