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7 Ways to Keep Your Organization Resolution

At the start of every year, we make a list of resolutions to improve certain areas of our lives. It’s a great idea in theory, but in reality, most of us end up ditching our resolutions a few weeks after all the New Year’s excitement has faded. If one of your resolutions is to be more organized, we’ve made a list of seven ways to help you keep the momentum going for the entire year.

1. Start by Decluttering.

Between the holidays and the sales, we often end up with a lot of new things after the holiday season. Combat the clutter by getting rid of one old item for every new one you add.

2. Put It Away Right Away.

Whenever you take something out, make it a habit to put it back where it belongs as soon as you’re finished. This might sound obvious, but it’s amazing how quickly things pile up. At the end of the day, one big mess is harder to clean up than separate smaller ones.

3. Have a Place for Everything.

Assign a place for all your belongings. Even if it is something you usually keep out, like remotes, magazines or your tablet, mentally assign it a certain spot on your table or counter to keep life more organized and tidy. And remember, having a miscellaneous junk drawer or corner in your house will not do you any favors!

4. Label It.

If you have a hard time assigning things a particular spot, try using labels to motivate you to put things where they belong. Stick them on bins, drawers or shelves and make your labels as specific as you need to.

5. Allot Time.

With a busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to clean or organize your space. Try setting aside at least ten minutes a day to organize a specific area in your home that needs a little TLC.

6. Partner Up.

It always helps to have someone alongside you when you are trying to achieve a goal. Find a partner to join you on your quest for organization. If you live with others, share your organization goals so you can transform your space together.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Resolutions are hard to keep but give yourself a grace period. If you don’t stick to a goal you’ve set, start again! It takes awhile to maintain good habits and develop organizational skills; but in order to improve, you need to stick with it.

Put these seven tips into practice and you’re guaranteed to have the most organized year of your life! If you are in need of a place to put some of your belongings once you get into the swing of things, contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage and find the perfect place for all your things.