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5 Tips for Moving Off Campus: Your College Guide to Summer Break


1. Bring only what you need

When you moved to college, you had to carefully select what you’d be able to have in your dorm room or shared space. Do the same thing when you pack up to go home for the summer. After you establish all of the items that you need to bring home with you we suggest you put everything else in storage. There is no need to lug large dressers, mattress toppers, and bed frames back to your room at your parents’ house. You likely already have your bed and mattress there waiting for you. Save time and money by renting a self-storage until to hold your belongings which you are away. You shouldn’t require a unit any bigger than a 5×5 or 5×10. Compare month to month rental rates close to your college campus. Some storage providers also offer rebates and summer specials for college understudies


2. Use Boxes and Bins

Boxes and Bins are your best friends when you are moving to and from college. Keeping everything organized prevents your items from getting lost. Make sure to prepare early. You don’t want to be scrambling or disorganized during finals week! Get moving boxes from your local Home Depot or Lowes about a month before you plan to move (before they sell out)! Creating a successful timeframe for packing up is crucial to minimizing moving stress. Plan to start packing two to four weeks. This is a good time frame to start with when you are packing up to spend your summer break back home. Make sure to declutter while you are packing up and get rid of anything that is old or unnecessary. As a rule of thumb, always double tape your boxes so nothing falls through the bottom as you are moving. The number one tip we have for packing up your belongings into boxes is to pair similar items together and label, label, label. The more specific with labeling you can get the easier it will be for you in the long run when you are unpacking you stuff. 

3. Recruit Friends or Family

Unless you live in an apartment off campus, it is rare to need a moving company to move out for summer break. Recruiting your friends and family is the best route to approach moving out for summer break. Unlike professional movers, your loved ones are more likely to help you pack or move your belongings after working hours. Because of this, make sure you tell them that you are flexible with timing. Recruiting people you know to help with the move can save you hundreds of dollars on moving costs. A simple thank you and a couple slices of pizza is usually enough payment for your loved ones to help you move. Pro tip—label your moving boxes and note which boxes are fragile and which ones are not. Unlike professional movers, your friends and family don’t have the experience or incentive to be fragile with every single box you pack, so label wisely!

4. Secure Your Items

If you are bringing items home in the back of a truck, make sure you purchase tow straps, so nothing falls out on your way home. Movers utilize tow straps or strong tape to hold the furniture together and prevent it from damage while when moving. You can also use furniture pads and moving blankets to keep items safe while in a moving vehicle. Following these steps will keep your items in perfect condition for when you are ready to unpack them again. Another area to always secure is also the bottom of your moving boxes. Don’t forget extra tape around the bottom of the box to make sure that nothing falls out the bottom on the box when you are moving them from the truck / car to your home.

5. Keep It on Hangers

Unless you are traveling back home by airplane, we suggest you keep all your clothing on hangers and place a plastic garbage bag around them. Stack them up in the back of your car and bring them right back into your closet at your parents’ house when you return for summer break. Simple, easy and effective this method will save you at least an hour of hanging time!

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