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10 Pro Tips for Moving Homes (Stress Free)

According to a recent study, moving homes is one of the most stressful life events–even more stressful than getting divorced, raising children or starting a new job! This is surprising because moving into a new house is something most of us cannot avoid. As adaptable as we are, anyone who has moved is aware that changing your surroundings is a difficult and often emotional process. Packing up your life and fitting all your creature comforts into boxes is no easy task. That is why it is so important to have a plan in place before moving. In this post, we’ll provide you with moving and packing tips straight from the storage experts at Secure Self Storage. 


Moving and Packing Tips and Tricks 


1. Find a great moving company 

The first step in a stress-free move is not having to pack and haul all of your boxes yourself. Learning how to choose a great moving company allows you to spend your time and energy unpacking in your new oasis instead of being wiped out by moving boxes up and down stairs, into a moving truck, and into your new place. 


2. Reuse cardboard moving boxes for free 

Moving isn’t free. The national average cost of a move is $1,250. Why not save some money and reuse your cardboard moving boxes? They can be reused in your garden, in an arts and crafts project and can even be turned into a sled. Read our detailed tips on how to reuse your cardboard moving boxes


3. Grab the best moving products

Having the right tools allows your move to function like an efficient assembly line. Always make sure to use a sturdy packing tape—scotch tape isn’t going to hold! If you are moving particularly delicate items, try storage bins so there is no chance of items falling out the bottom. Consider carefully what moving products you need. Need an idea of where to start? Learn more about the 10 packing supplies you shouldn’t move homes without


4. Read these packing & moving myths to avoid

Listen to the experts and avoid common moving myths. You may have a friend who moved all of their clothing to their new place in garbage bags but that doesn’t mean that it is an efficient stress-free process. And moving yourself isn’t necessarily cheaper. Make sure to consider the cost of your time versus the cost of a moving company. What other packing and moving myths should you avoid? Read our 5 packing and moving myths debunked article. 


5. Be sure to prepare for seasonality 

You can’t move efficiently on a rainy day because it’s slippery, dangerous and your belongings will get wet. Cardboard will never hold up in the rain. This means you must consider the weather before planning your move as well as the season. Moving in the winter is a much different process than moving in the summer


6. Check out these home furnishing tips! 

One of the most exciting things about moving is thinking about how you are going to furnish your new space! You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on brand new furniture to have a space that reflects your personal style. Read our 4 tips for furnishing your new home on a budget

7. Follow these 3 packing tips 

The storage experts at Secure Self Storage are also packing experts. Perfectly packing your belongings for short- or long-term storage is their specialty. So whether you are packing for a cross country move or just across town read these 3 expert packing tips to help eliminate broken items and make your unpacking stress free! 

8. Minimize stress 

We all like to know where our stuff is and that can be daunting when moving. Proper labeling and organization is a great way to know exactly what’s what. Does the thought of keeping track of your items when they are out of sight and in boxes stress you out? Not to worry, check out our simple solutions for stress free moving


9. Downsize

Before you pay for a moving truck and start packing up your furniture, consider what you want to keep and what you want to toss. Chances are some of your items will not work in your new space and getting rid of them can save on moving costs and free up space in your new home. Having trouble deciding what to toss? Read our 4 tips on how to decide what furniture to keep or toss


10. Consider a self storage unit 

If the idea of tossing any of your possessions gives you anxiety and stress, we have a solution—self storage. With climate controlled self storage, you can store your stuff for as long or short time as you’d like while keeping your items in perfect condition. Learn more about how self storage works in our moving guide