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How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of clothing you own? Is it taking over your space but you can’t bear to part with it? Renting a self storage unit for storing your clothes is a great way to save space in your closet and keep everything in your collection. Learn more about how to store your clothing so it is ready to wear, whether that’s next spring–or in three years. 

1. Only Store Clean Clothes

Don’t even think about storing dirty clothes for long periods of time. Making sure that you store clean clothes is the first step to storing them successfully in a storage unit. The longer stains or grime sit on fabric, the greater the chance that it will embed in the fibers and stain them permanently. For business suits and dresses, stop at the dry cleaner to have them professionally cleaned and pressed. Pro tip: Keep the plastic cover and hanger for easy storage. For more casual clothing like jeans or cotton items, wash them at home. Once cleaned, both can be stored easily and safely for years in a climate controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled unit has the right moisture protection measures to prevent clothes from mildewing or rotting due to humidity. 

2. Try Storage Bins

Storage bins are the perfect solution for storing more casual clothing. Pants and cotton tops can be stored in plastic bins to protect them from the elements and keep their integrity. We recommend breaking your casual clothing into several different storage bins: For example, separate by item—pants, shirts, and casual jackets, etc.—or by season. This takes the hassle out of finding clothing when you need to retrieve them from your storage unit. We also highly recommend folding your clothes, rather than just tossing them in bins. There is nothing worse than opening your bin to find your clothes deeply wrinkled and in need of a steaming or rewashing. 

3. Use Clothing Racks

For evening dresses and business suits, a clothing rack like this one from Amazon is a simple solution that keeps your attire in great condition. Store dry-cleaned dresses and pant suits directly on the clothing rack in your storage unit. If you don’t have a climate controlled unit, remove the plastic first. When temperatures fluctuate, plastic can end up trapping humidity and moisture close to your clothing causing it to mildew. If you have a climate-controlled storage unit, you don’t have to worry about moisture and mold developing on your clothing so keep the plastic on for an additional layer of protection. 

4. Store Heavy Items in Bins 

To maximize the amount of space in your storage unit, make sure to store most of your clothing in airtight containers and only hang necessary items on clothing racks. Stacking your containers is a great way to save space in your storage unit. Stack bins on top of each other to the ceiling of the unit. And remember, don’t block your bins with your clothing racks so you can keep easy access to both. Use these proper storage techniques to further maximize your storage unit space and save money with the smallest sized unit for your needs. 

We hope our tips help you properly store your clothing in a self storage unit so you can enjoy them for seasons (and years) to come. At Secure Self Storage, we make it simple and budget-friendly with free trucks on move-in day, discounted rental rates and limited-time free units. We also provide flexible short- or long-term leasing agreements, 24/7 security cameras, computerized gate access, climate control, convenient access hours and a variety of low-cost storage supplies. Contact Secure Self Storage today and start storing your clothes!