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Pinching Pennies? 4 Tips for Furnishing a Home on a Budget

Moving into a new home can be expensive, but furnishing it doesn’t have to be. Here are four tips on how to furnish your new home on a budget—without sacrificing style.

Be thrifty.

“New” doesn’t always mean “better” when it comes to furniture. Save yourself from pricey new pieces and search for coffee tables, dressers, nightstands, desks and lamps at hotel liquidators, thrift stores, estate sales and online sales. Rather than waiting for a sale at a store, negotiate a price for floor samples—offer 50 percent less than the original price—and the final price will generally be less than a piece on “sale.”

Update old pieces.

Used pieces, hand-me-down furniture or inexpensive buys can always be updated with a little TLC. Planning on keeping your childhood dresser? Paint it a new, chic color or replace the knobs for a funky twist. Have a lamp, vase or mirror that’s seen a better day? Try spray painting them silver or gold for a modern touch.

A coherent theme is key.

Have a theme for your space keeps the space homey and looks more put together than a mishmash of random pieces. Going rustic? Build on a farm-inspired table by incorporating inexpensive wicker baskets. Opting for retro? Funk up your modern couch by incorporating bright but budget-friendly pillows. Your theme will most likely evolve throughout the years. In 10, five or even three years, you may want something completely different—and that’s okay. If (or when) this happens, take advantage of a storage unit rather than throwing certain items away—you’ve changed your mind once, so don’t regret throwing out a staple piece when you need a change of pace.

Create your own decor.

The easiest way to inject personal style into your new home is with your décor choices, but it’s also the easiest place to save your pennies. Rather than spending money on artwork, flip through your photo albums (or Instagram and Facebook feeds) and print out family photos, vacation photos or any artsy photos you may have taken over the years. Print out your favorite inspirational quotes and frame them around your home. Depending on your home’s theme, small touches like seashells, rocks or marbles are fun alternatives for filling vases. Another simple yet chic touch is framing pressed flowers or leaves, placing them in similar frames and grouping them in a close grid on a wall.

For more help on how you can save money but still make your new home feel like home, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.