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True or False: 5 Packing and Moving Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of information out there about packing up your space and moving, but not necessarily all of it is true. Here are five common myths about packing and moving—and the actual truth about what to expect.

1. A box is a box is a box.

Boxes come in many different shapes, sizes and levels of quality. Choose thick, sturdy boxes for packing everything, and utilize specialized boxes for items such as dishware, glassware and fine china. Use wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes on hangers, saving you time when it comes to unpacking at your destination.

2. Labeling is unnecessary.

Being as specific as possible in listing the contents of each box will save you hours in time and effort later. Whether your system involves writing the contents on the side of the box, numbering each (and having a coordinating inventory list on a separate piece of paper) or taking a photo of what’s in each box, choose a system, then stick to it. You might think you’ll remember where your spatulas are, but after awhile, all of the boxes start to look the same.

3. Special packing supplies are a waste.

If you want your belongings to arrive safe and sound, then buying packing paper, bubble wrap and tape are well worth it. Paper towels will keep heirlooms intact for just so long. Avoiding any post-unpacking tears is well worth the  price of the right packing materials.

4. Pack up everything prior to moving day.

Why panic about a deadline when there are other options? Rather than stressing over packing every last item before moving day, take advantage of packing experts who can take care of it for you. Many moving companies offer full-service moves, which includes packing your belongings. Another alternative: If you have items you don’t want to get rid of but don’t want movers to bring to your new home, consider storing them in storage unit.

5. It’s a stressful experience.

Of course, moving can be both physically and mentally exhausting, but a lot of this stress can be relieved. Rather than losing sleep over packing and then breaking your back moving them to your new home, hire a team of professional movers. Not only will they have equipment that make the job easier, but their experience will make your moving day a smoother, less stressful day.

For more help on how to have a move-in day that abides by the truths and not the myths, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.