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5 Ways a Self-Storage Unit Can Prevent Retirement from Being a Job

Now that you’ve retired, you don’t want the transition into retirement to feel like a full-time job. Surprisingly, easing into your retirement is a situation in which a self-storage unit can help. Deciding on whether you should move into a smaller home, buy a condo in a beach town or save furniture you don’t have room for so you can pass it down to a family member can be stressful situations and feel like a losing battle. But it doesn’t have to be, and besides, you deserve a break from stressful decisions after spending years in the workforce.

Here are 5 tips from the storage experts at Secure Self Storage on how a storage unit can help alleviate the unique stresses new retirees face, so you can get back to enjoying your well-earned free time.

Snowbird? Store seasonal items.

Whether you want to flee to your second home when the weather gets chilly or if you just want to explore all over, separating your seasonal items can help declutter your home—which is especially useful if you’ve just downsized. Store seasonal clothing such as down jackets, sweaters, winter boots, summer hats, flip flops and bathing suits in a unit to help organize your closet. To save space in an attic, garage or basement, store sporting equipment such as golf clubs, kayaks, bicycles and skis.

Downsizing made easier.

If you’ve decided to downsize but aren’t quite ready to part with furniture, kick-knacks or family antiques, then consider storing these items temporarily in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These types of storage units help ensure your items are protected from temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. Storing items you can’t quite part with may also help your decision. If after a few months you don’t miss Aunt Mildred’s footed vase, you know it’s an item you can sell or give away. Or, you might pass down that antique dining room table to a grandchild who recently moved into a new home.

Space to fulfill your adventurous side.

Now that you’re retired, you may purchase items that you couldn’t before—such as a boat, RV or sports car. All of these purchases are commitments, may be seasonal and require space you may not have, but not to worry. Look into boat, RV and vehicle storage that offers 24/7 security cameras, so you can purchase these bucket list items without stressing about their safe-keeping.

Location, location, location.

Whatever you choose to use your self-storage unit for, find a facility that’s in close proximity to you. A good rule of thumb: Choose a location that’s less than 10 miles away from where you live or are considering moving to.

Prioritize items now to avoid headaches later.

Before moving your belongings into a self-storage unit, make a list of the items and rank them by importance. The least important items should go in the back of the unit, with the most important items, such as seasonal clothes, beach gear and sporting equipment, placed in the front. Organizing your unit from the get-go will make it less stressful when you want to retrieve your items.

For more tips on how a self-storage unit can help make your transition into retirement a simple one, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.