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Expand Your Etsy Business: 5 Ways Etsy Shop Owners Can Benefit from a Self-Storage Unit

If you own an Etsy shop and are looking for new ways grow your business and distinguish yourself from the rest, now is the time to consider utilizing a self-storage unit. By having additional space, a storage unit will enable you to organize your business, protect your inventory, give you more space to create future products and essentially help you grow your shop. Plus, if you currently run your Etsy shop out of your home, the extra space a storage unit offers can help you strike a better work/life balance by decluttering your home space from work supplies and projects. Here are five tips from the experts at Secure Self Storage on how your Etsy shop will benefit from utilizing a storage unit.

Organize to optimize.

Whether you’re running your Etsy shop out of a warehouse or your home, organizing your inventory will only benefit your business. By organizing your work space, you’ll be able to know what supplies you need, it will help you keep better track of what orders need to be filled and mailed, and you will have more room for future production needs. Plus, your current products will stay in better condition if they—and everything else—are safely placed in designated spots.

More growth means more space—and vice versa.

When your Etsy shop grows, you’re bound to need more space to keep up with the orders. On the flip side, giving yourself more space to create and produce can potentially lead to more growth. To give your business more immediate space, move your work supplies, inventory or work documents into a climate-controlled storage unit, protecting your blood, sweat and tears from temperature and humidity damage.

Buying in bulk is easier than ever.

With more power comes more responsibility… and with more orders comes more need for supplies. By utilizing a storage unit, you’ll finally have the extra space you need to be able to buy your supplies in bulk. Just be sure to opt for a facility that offers 7-day a week access so you can pick up what you need at your convenience.

A location to meet customers.

Whether your shop offers customized products or the option to pick-up an item, a storage unit is the ideal place to meet your customers. Not only does this protect your privacy because you won’t need to meet customers at your home, but it also gives you a professional touch. To impress customers even more, keep your unit organized with the help of shelving units and cubbies.

The perfect place to take pics.

When it comes to running an online business, the photos can sometimes matter as much as the quality of the product. If space is an issue, try turning your storage unit into a temporary photo studio. By hanging a backdrop, hooking up the right lighting and staging your items, your online presence will finally reflect your quality products.

For more tips on how to expand your Etsy shop with the help of a storage unit, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.