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Get Back in Charge: 5 Office Organization Tips to Help You Feel Like a Boss

Whether you work in a cubicle, a home office or at a small desk in your living room, organizing your office space is crucial for a successful career. Work can be stressful enough, so why add to it with a disorganized office space where you can’t find what you need when you need it? Unlike many work snafus, organizing your office is in your control, and by doing so, you can avoid some unnecessary work meltdowns. Here are five tips from the storage experts at Secure Self Storage to help you organize your office space, so you can take charge of your career.

Purge for a truly fresh start.

While you may think you can throw out a document here and a knick-knack there, designating one day to go through every little thing is the best way to get your office space in tip-top shape. Not only will this help you figure out which office supplies you may need to stock up on such as sticky notes, printing paper, new pens or staples, but being more thorough also makes it more obvious what should stay and what should go.

Organize, then prioritize.

After you clean your office and purge any outdated items, it’s time to group together like items together and figure out where it all should go. To keep things accessible, a good rule of thumb is to place your most-used items on or in your desk, less-used items below your desk and your least-used items up on a shelves.

Don’t take wall space for granted.

If you’re looking to declutter your desk, then the wall is the perfect space to utilize. Not only can you hang shelves for personal knick-knacks, jars with desk accessories such as paper clips, rubber bands and pens, but it’s also a great place to put time sensitize papers. Rather than having these papers get lost in the shuffle, hang a bulletin board on your office wall, so you can pin the most important documents to it—freeing up your desk space and helping you stay on track and on time.

Files should be stored.

Now, this doesn’t just mean in a filing cabinet. Although this is a great start, to truly take your office and career to the next level, store outdated but important documents in a self-storage unit. This way, your office will have more space for your current and future projects, enabling you to stay organized but not be bogged down by past work. Just be sure to choose a unit that’s open every day, so you’ll have the flexibility to retrieve your documents on your schedule.

Inject your personality without knick-knacks.

While organizing your office space is important for efficiency and productivity, it’s also important to make your office an environment you want to spend a majority of your week in. However, an over-abundance of knick-knacks can clutter your desk and get in the way of work. To avoid this, look for accessories that can brighten up your desk, such as brightly colored pens, notepads with inspirational quotes on them or a paperweight with a motivating message. If you’re allowed to, consider painting your wall a bright, invigorating color.

For more office organization tips that can help you get back in charge of your career, contact the team at Secure Self Storage.