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How to prepare your RV for off-season storage

As summer winds down, many people who own RVs start preparing them for winter storage. Storing your RV properly can help ensure it’s in the best condition when you’re ready for your next adventure. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare your RV for off-season storage.

Clean out the refrigerator

This is a simple but critical step that many RV owners forget in the mayhem of all the other winter preparation steps. Take all food items out of the fridge, defrost it, disinfect it, and wipe it dry. Not only will you deter animals and other pests, but you’ll come back to a clean fridge the next time you’re ready to hit the road.

Drain your lines & tank

Any fluids left in your vehicle’s tanks and lines can freeze in the winter, leading to pipes bursting and unnecessary damage. To prevent this, be sure to drain all of your lines and water tanks in the RV before storing.

Drainage Checklist

  • Remove any in-line filters and empty the clean water tank
  • Empty the back water tank
  • Drain the water header

If you live in a cold climate or are storing your RV outside, add antifreeze to your lines and tanks as an additional protection against freezing.

 Animal-proof your RV

Make sure to animal-proof your RV before storing it for the winter season. Often, critters like mice, rats, and squirrels will crawl in and make your RV their home. This can lead to a lot of damage, like chewed electrical cords, and a mess in the spring.

Inspect underneath your RV and look for small holes where animals could crawl in. If you find holes, use spray foam to close them. Cover vents with mesh wire and be sure to follow our first step: Remove any and all food from your camper so there is nothing to attract animals in the first place!

Store your RV in a secure location

Finding a secure location is key to ensuring that your RV’s exterior is protected and that it’s safe from theft of vandalism. Covered garages and backyards are often used to store RVs but self-storage facilities are also a great option for RV storage that offer 24/7 surveillance and covered parking without taking up room at your house.

Wash, wax & cover

A thorough wash followed by a protective wax helps maintain your camper’s exterior and protects it against UV rays, helping to preserve paint and vinyl finishes. Additionally, a self-storage facilities are also a great option for RV storage is also worth the investment as it can further protect your vehicle from inclement weather and other elements.


By following these steps, you can keep your RV in tip-top shape for next year’s season! If you are looking for a place to store your RV, look no further than Secure Self Storage, the leading self-storage provider in the Northeast. Contact us for questions about RV storage or stop by a location near you.