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How to Organize Food Storage Containers

Are your food storage containers thrown carelessly into your kitchen drawers or cabinets? Perhaps they’re missing lids, overflowing, or finding what you need is hard. Then, it’s time to get organized. Read on to learn how to organize your food storage containers with these simple steps.

Gather your containers and take stock

The first step in organizing your kitchen is to take stock of the types of containers you are storing. Start by taking out all your containers and Tupperware to ensure everything has its matching pieces.

If you are going through the trouble of organizing your containers, you may want to invest in a stacking set that makes storing easy. We also recommend glass containers for their durability and long life.

Throw away what you don’t need

There is no point in storing containers without lids or broken or warped ones. (We’re looking at you, take-out food containers that somehow make their way to the back of all cabinets). Throw them out or recycle them, if you can.

Wondering how you can get a longer shelf-life out of your containers? Don’t wash plastic lids or food containers in the dishwasher. It will warp the plastic and break its airtight seal. Wash them by hand instead.

Use dedicated drawers and cabinets

Now that you know what types of food you will be storing and what containers you want to use, it’s time to find the space in your kitchen to keep them. Dedicate either drawers or cabinets as a place to store these items. If it’s something you reach for every day, keep it in an accessible spot.

Check out lid organizers and pegboards

Once you find where you want to store your food storage containers, consider using lid organizers and pegboards to maximize space and optimize organization. Organizers make it easy to find the right lid for the right container and they stop lids from spilling and falling everywhere. Pegboards can hold containers upright, hang items like measuring cups, or even organize kids’ lunch boxes.

Keep up with organization

Now that you’ve dedicated time and space to organize your food storage containers, remember to keep up and maintain your system. Taking those extra few minutes to neatly stack the containers and lids will keep your system efficient and ensure that it’s always organized.



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