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Make the Most of Your Trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE

How to enjoy your vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Rehoboth Beach in Delaware is a coastal destination offering the perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and natural beauty, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Its pristine sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters, and charming boardwalk offer a beautiful backdrop for an epic beach vacation. But there’s lots to do beyond the shore. Rehoboth Beach boasts a vibrant culinary scene, featuring an array of seafood restaurants, quaint cafes, and ice cream parlors. The town is also renowned for its unique boutique shops, art galleries, and lively entertainment venues, so there’s plenty to explore.

Read on for more tips to make the most of your trip to the Delaware coast!


Where to stay in Rehoboth Beach, DE

When visiting Rehoboth Beach, DE, tourists can choose from several accommodation options that cater to different preferences and budgets.


Beachfront hotels and resorts

One popular choice is to stay at one of the beachfront hotels or resorts, which offer stunning ocean views and convenient access to the sandy shores. These establishments often provide a range of amenities, such as pools, spas, and on-site dining options for a comfortable, relaxing stay for those seeking a luxurious beach getaway.

Bed & breakfasts (B&Bs) and boutique hotels

For those who prefer a more quaint, charming experience, Rehoboth Beach’s downtown area offers a variety of bed &  breakfasts and boutique hotels. These accommodations are typically nestled within the town’s historic district, which boasts a unique atmosphere with vibrant local shops, restaurants, and art galleries, all within a short distance.

Vacation rentals and motels

Alternatively, tourists seeking a more budget-friendly option can opt for vacation rentals or motels just a short distance from the beaches and downtown. These accommodations often provide more affordable lodging, ideal for families or big groups looking for an extended beach stay without breaking the budget. Many vacation rentals offer fully equipped kitchens and spacious living areas, which can help you save money on dining out while enjoying a unique home-away-from-home experience.


Where to eat

When it comes to dining options in Rehoboth Beach, DE, you’ll find a delicious coastal menu that tourists crave. If you’re in the mood for fresh seafood and waterfront views, head to one of the many seafood restaurants along the boardwalk. From seaside shacks to casual spots and elegant dining, you’re sure to find the vibe that’s right for you here.

But it isn’t just seafood in this town. Rehoboth Beach has a diverse food scene with a range of eateries and cuisines, including Italian, Mexican, Thai, and more.

Looking for a quick bite or something sweet? Be sure to stop by the renowned Rehoboth Avenue. This strip is lined with charming cafes, bakeries, and ice cream parlors.


Where to play

The boardwalk

Rehoboth Beach, DE, offers fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages—and the vibrant boardwalk is a must-visit destination. It has a lively atmosphere with amusement rides, arcades, and tasty treats like funnel cakes and saltwater taffy.

The beach

No trip to Rehoboth Beach is complete without a proper beach day, and of course, the beach is the namesake of this town for a reason—clean beaches and beautiful waters. For those seeking a thrill, water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet skiing are readily available.


How to pack your car for vacation in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Many people from the East Coast pack their cars up and take a road trip to the Delaware shore. We’ve compiled a list to help you get on the road to Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Bring a first-aid kit

Having a first aid kit anywhere you go is always a good idea, but it’s particularly wise when heading out of town. A well-equipped first aid kit allows you to quickly address small injuries and discomforts. Whether it’s a small cut, a headache, or a stomachache, your first aid kit can provide the necessary supplies to ease pain without searching for a nearby pharmacy or convenience store. Bonus points—it’s easily stored in your vehicle.

Towels and beach gear

When packing towels and gear for a beach vacation, it’s helpful to keep items compact and organized. Start by rolling up your towels tightly to save space. Place them at the bottom of your suitcase or beach bag. Then, pack your beach essentials, like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, in a separate bag to keep them easily accessible. Use waterproof pouches or zip-lock bags to protect your electronics and valuables from sand and water damage. Don’t forget to include a lightweight beach blanket or mat to sit on.

Use bags and suitcases when packing your vehicle

Use separate bags and suitcases for each member of your vacation crew to keep everything organized. When packing up your car, start by organizing your belongings in order of size to maximize space in the back of your vehicle.

Larger items such as suitcases and duffle bags should be placed at the bottom, forming a sturdy base. Then, strategically pack medium-sized items like backpacks, pillows, and blankets, ensuring they fit snugly around the larger pieces.

Pro tip: Place smaller essentials that you may need quick access to at the top. This could include a cooler with drinks and snacks, your first aid kit, and any entertainment items like books, games, or tablets—especially if you are traveling with kids.

By arranging your belongings thoughtfully, you’ll optimize space and have easy access to the items you may need during your exciting road trip adventure.


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