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Choosing Winter Motorcycle Storage

Whether you ride your motorcycle for fun, out of necessity, or a bit of both, you, like many riders, may be forced to park your bike in the winter. When that time comes, it’s helpful to have a plan for winter motorcycle storage. (Mostly so you can get back on the road quickly when spring arrives!) We’ll explore what to consider when choosing winter motorcycle storage, including outdoor and indoor storage options to keep your motorcycle road ready.

Choosing Winter Motorcycle Storage 

Riding is all about freedom and being in control—which is why most riders dread winter since they have no control over the weather. While it is possible to ride in the winter, if you’re living in a region where temperatures drop below freezing, you’ll need to have a plan in place to keep your motorcycle stored at some point during the winter season.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself as you look for winter motorcycle storage near you:

  • Is this a safe location? Bonus points if it has surveillance!
  • Can I lock my bike to prevent theft?
  • Will my motorcycle be protected from the weather?
  • Can I leave my motorcycle in this location all season?

When you decide where to store your motorcycle, be sure to review our motorcycle storage tips to keep your ride roadworthy.

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage

If you don’t have access to a garage—or don’t have room in your garage—you may find yourself evaluating outdoor motorcycle storage options in the winter.

A properly fitted motorcycle cover is a must—but that’s just the start. Long winters mean snow, and a cover alone won’t shield your bike from a mountain of snow.  Consider investing in a pop-up motorcycle shelter—like a tent for your bike—or even keeping it under a carport.

While your motorcycle can endure a few days to a week of outdoor storage, it’s not recommended for an entire winter season. Severe weather can negatively impact fluids, gas, and battery life—and exposure to ice, snow, and salt leads to rust.

Indoor Motorcycle Storage 

Indoor storage is the best option for storing your motorcycle during the long winter months. Having your bike inside usually means you can lock or secure the location, and it’s protected from the harsh winter elements.

Here are some indoor motorcycle storage options for winter:

  • Home garage
  • Storage shed
  • Motorcycle storage pod or shed
  • Vehicle or towing trailer
  • Inside your home
  • A storage unit at a storage facility

While these options keep your motorcycle protected from the weather, not all of them are sensible. Is it practical to keep your motorcycle inside your house?  Will you have trouble getting the snowblower from the shed with your motorcycle there? If that’s the case, renting a motorcycle storage unit from a storage facility, like Secure Self-Storage, can be the perfect solution.

Why Self Storage for Motorcycles is a great option

Outdoor motorcycle storage isn’t great long-term, and indoor options aren’t always practical, making self storage an ideal solution for motorcycle storage in the winter—and year-round. Self storage units for motorcycles are convenient, and there are other advantages, too.

Some benefits of self storage units for motorcycle storage include:

  • Security features like video surveillance and electronic gate access
  • Climate-controlled units to keep your motorcycle protected from moisture and extreme temperatures
  • Easy access with drive-up units
  • A range of unit sizes to store one motorcycle, multiple bikes, and other vehicles

At Secure Self Storage, our units offer all these benefits and more, including flexible short-term lease options for easy, affordable winter motorcycle storage. We’re here for wherever the road takes you, with locations in New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and the Greater Toronto area. Contact the storage professionals at Secure Self Storage to learn more.