Secure Self Storage

Saving on the Cost of Your Storage Unit

Is your house becoming overrun with stuff, but a personal storage unit doesn’t fit into your budget? Even with Secure Self Storage’s great deals, it can still be hard to afford a storage unit in the size you need. Fortunately, here are some money-saving strategies:

  • Split the Cost with a Friend

If the cost of a storage unit is too much to pay by yourself, look for a friend to share it with. Clearly mark off where each of your sides starts and ends to avoid conflicts over space. Most importantly, label your boxes so you have no trouble knowing what belongs to whom. Consider getting a larger unit, so you can both get a bit more space while saving on the costs. Secure Self Storage’s units can get as big as a two-car garage if needed, so you have plenty of options.

  • Declutter Your Life and Get a Smaller Size

If you can’t afford the size that seems right for you, the truth might be you just have too much stuff. Take a look at your items and be ruthless about which things can seriously go. Consider taking pictures of sentimental objects before donating them so the memory is saved. Another idea is to give away items to your friends and family. This way, you’ll know someone is putting the item to good use. Once you reevaluate how many things you have to store, you might be astonished to discover a smaller unit is just the right fit.

  • Become a Packing Master

Getting a smaller personal storage unit is the easiest way to save money, but what if you still can’t fit your items even after decluttering? Sometimes the problem isn’t how much stuff you have, but how you store it. Roll clothes up, or put items in our handy wardrobe boxes. Store heavy objects, like books, in smaller boxes, so you can fill them to the brim. There are a million ways to save space packing, so do your research, and prepare to be amazed at the space you can get.

Want to save even more? Visit or call a nearby Secure Self Storage facility to get started, and you’ll get a budget-saving free month of storage!