Secure Self Storage

4 Unconventional Uses for Storage

A storage unit is a great thing to have for moving, organizing or just cleaning up, but if you are creative there are a number of interesting ways you can make use of it. Here are just a few.

Office Space

There is no doubt that office space is expensive. With affordable prices and a variety of unit sizes, a Secure Self Storage unit can make for a perfect office for entrepreneurs and small home businesses. Your unit’s climate control can keep you comfortable, and you know you won’t have to worry about being disturbed.

Rehearsal Space

Whether you a professional or a hobbyist, it is hard to find a space to rehearse with your band. If you rent out one of our units, you’ll also be sure that you aren’t bothering your neighbors or anyone living with you. You can leave your expensive equipment in your unit as well, and no one will tamper with it. 24/7 surveillance cameras and on-site staff are always making sure that your items are protected from harm.

Art Studio

With tons of supplies and a number of old pieces, art can consume a lot of space, whatever your medium. Studio space isn’t cheap, so what better way to save than by making use of your storage space?

Personal Gym

If you live in a small apartment or house, you might not have space for something like a treadmill or weights. Even one of our smaller units could be used to house a small personal fitness center.

Before using your storage for an unconventional purpose, make sure to check in with the staff at your local Secure Self Storage. If you aren’t already a customer, sign up with us now and get one of our best deals yet: A free month of storage to start.