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4 Simple Tricks for an Organized Closet

While closets are mainly meant to store clothes, they often become the final frontier for miscellaneous objects— boxes upon boxes of them, to be exact. No one wants to deal with these secret clutter spots. It can be overwhelming and there’s a reason you put all of that junk away in the first place. But, if you want to make your closet the tidy clothing storage area it is supposed to be, just take heed of these four simple tricks.

1. Empty It Out

You might be tempted to individually go through each object in your closet, but that isn’t the best course of action. By completely emptying out your closet you get a good look at everything, and obviously you are going to have to put it all back. This means that you actually have to go through each item individually and think about whether you want to keep it or not. The sheer sight of all that stuff might be just enough inspiration to start tossing.

2. Roll Up Those Clothes

Rolling your clothes up is a simple way to save some space and prevent wrinkling. This isn’t necessarily the best method for every article of clothing you own, but it definitely will do the job for t-shirts and jeans.

3. Add Lights

Most closets tend to be pretty dark, which works to your disadvantage. It generally makes it more difficult to see what’s stuffed in there, and it can help contribute to an out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to all of that junk. Adding a simple lighting fixture can motivate you to keep your now entirely visible closet tightly organized, not to mention it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Keep the Floor Clear

Nothing is going to make your closet look more disheveled than covering the floor with boxes and objects. The solution is simple: shelves. Shelves are an easy way to make sure you don’t populate your closet with useless objects. Put the shelves right at eye level and you’ll see these things every time you walk in, making you much more likely to do something about them.

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