Secure Self Storage

Store Your Belongings for the New England Summer

School’s out for summer! When it’s time for you to leave Norwalk, CT, for your college’s summer break, you may not be able to take all of your things with you. Maybe you need to travel by plane, train or rideshare and can’t fit everything, or maybe you don’t want to bring everything home just to bring it back in three months. Either way, your stuff needs a place to spend summer break, too! Luckily, storage units in Norwalk are a smart and affordable way to keep your belongings safe until next semester. Follow these tips to get the most out of your unit.

The early bird gets the unit!

  • Summer is a popular and busy season for storage unit rentals, especially in college towns like Norwalk. Book early to avoid the rush and take advantage of any price breaks. You should always ask about student discounts and see if prices are negotiable.

Determine how much space you need.

  • Pack efficiently and skip paying for space you don’t need. A 5’ x 5’ unit has enough room for about a dozen boxes, a desk and chair, and a lamp. A 5’ x 10’ unit will fit everything the 5’ x 5’ does, plus a mattress and box spring. A 5’ x 15’ unit can hold the contents of a small studio apartment. A 10’ x 10’ unit has enough room for a bedroom and living room set, a kitchen table, and boxes. If you’re unable to rent a smaller unit, consider finding a friend to split a larger one with.

Pack like you majored in it.

  • Fill every box completely and pad any extra space with newspaper to prevent crushing your belongings. Stack your books instead of standing them end to end, which ruins their spines, and remember that they’re heavier than they look when grouped together. Try to use similarly sized boxes (available for purchase at many storage facilities) to make stacking easier. Pack your moving van or car backward, so that once everything is loaded into the unit, the most important boxes are right in front.

Chill out.

  • Summers in New England can be especially hot and humid, and your belongings aren’t immune to that. Sensitive items like books and electronics can become damaged or even ruined if left in the wrong temperature. Make sure you rent a unit from a company that is climate controlled, like Secure Self Storage.

Now that you know the right way to store your stuff when you leave town, store it in the right place: contact Secure Self Storage’s newest facility in Norwalk, CT, today.