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Winter preparation checklist 

When the leaves won’t stop falling and temperatures start to plummet, you know that wintertime has arrived. It is important to prepare your belongings for winter, especially those exposed to the outdoors  like your home, your vehicles and your patio furniture or decorations. Keep reading our winter preparation checklist to make sure you are prepared for winter! P.S.—You can save and print this checklist. 

Winterize your home

As you prepare to spend most of your time indoors, it is important to prepare your home to face the winter elements. Pay special attention to your heating system, your attic, and any draft-prone areas of your home. Also, if you have forced hot air, sure to change your filter! This can save you up to 15% of energy usage and decrease your winter heating bill! Read our comprehensive guide to winterizing your home for our full list of detailed tips and tricks.

  • Ensure attic is insulated 

  • Change air filter 

  • Seal and drafty areas (check doors and windows) 

  • Remove your hose and shut off water to outdoor faucets. 

Winterize your vehicles 

As the cold weather approaches, you may notice that your dashboard tire pressure indicator light is on. It is important for every vehicle owner to know how to check tire pressure. A handy little gadget to measure tire pressure is all you need. Simply check the pressure and make sure that it matches the recommended tire pressure. If it is too high, let some air out. Too low, add some more air. Doing so will preserve your tires’ longevity and prevent tire failure due to temperature changes. If you plan on storing your vehicle through the winter read on for more winter vehicle storage tips. 


Car Storage

Before storing your car for the winter season make sure to check and change all of the fluids, leave gas in the tank, give the car a good wash and dry, and disconnect the battery. Prepping your car for storage is the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle and keep it in the best condition. 

  • Change all fluids 

  • Check tire pressure / tire tread 

  • Clean exterior and interior of car 

  • Check if you need an oil change

  • If storing your car disconnect battery 


Boat Storage

You know summer is officially over when you are looking for a place to store your boat. Like all vehicles, make sure that you prepare your boat to stay indoors for the season. Follow our checklist and read our article on 5 tips for winter boat storage tips so you can be sure that your boat is ready to hit the water next season.

  • Drain your boat 

  • Clean your boat and wax it 

  • Winterize the engine and motors 

  • Remove and recharge battery


Motorcycle Storage

If you live in a climate that prevents you from riding your motorcycle for several months of the year, winter storage is inevitable. Stay ahead of the game with our winter motorcycle storage checklist. For even more information on storing your motorcycle through the winter, read our full winter motorbike storage article

  • Clean your motorcycle

  • Change the oil 

  • Top off the tank and add fuel stabilizer 

  • Plug exhaust and airbox 

  • Store your motorcycle off the ground 

  • Charge the battery 

  • Keep it covered


Utilize winter storage

Each season brings new activities to enjoy. Now that summer and autumn have come to a close you might find yourself making room for heavy winter coats, ski gear, shovels, snowblowers and even more. Utilizing storage systems or self storage units will help you stay organized with your summer and fall items and in turn help you make the most of each of your seasonal winter activities. Commonly stored items in the winter include summer clothing, lawn equipment, recreational gear, and small engine vehicles. Secure Self Storage offers convenient and affordable self storage throughout the Northeast.