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Our Best Home Improvement Tips

Organize, Store, Improve

A homeowner’s work is never done. Get more done and learn how to make the best of your home with our guide on the best home improvement tips brought to you by the storage experts at Secure Self Storage. 

Try pegboards for storage

Pegboards can bring out the best in your house. If you are looking for a simple and versatile option to store your belongings, give pegboards a shot. Long used as an easy way to store tools in garages and sheds, did you know that you can also use pegboards to organize items in your mudroom, kitchen, closet, craft room, and even your home gym? 

Don’t store these items in your attic 

Before you go to make space in your home by shoving all unnecessary items into your attic—think again. While there are some things you can store up there, never put these five things in your attic for storage

Organize their toys 

Dolls, games, or stuffed animals: There will always be a new children’s toy that captures your tot’s attention and old toys they refuse to let go of. Stop your home’s toy invasion with these eight toy storage tips

Storage for tiny homes 

Does your tiny home need big storage solutions? Learn how to maximize and organize your space by reading these seven storage tips to get the most out of your tiny home!

Organizing your garage 

It is hard to navigate or work in a garage that is full of clutter. It’s time to stop tripping over boxes and organize your life. Try our seven tips to help organize your garage and keep it that way! 

Small home improvements you have to try 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to make your home look organized and beautiful. Try out our five low maintenance home improvement projects that will make a big difference in the overall look of your home!

Furniture on a budget—making it work 

Furnishing your home can feel like a daunting task especially when you are starting from scratch. Purchasing furniture also happens to be expensive so make sure you read our four tips for furnishing a home on a budget

How to repurpose furniture to make it feel new 

If you aren’t starting from scratch, repurposing furniture can help refresh your home’s interior and give new life to your space. Plus, it will save you money since you don’t have to buy a new piece. The growing trend of DIY (do it yourself) means that the amount of content for you to learn from is endless. Our list of DIY opportunities is a great place to start.

Storage can be pretty

Storing your items doesn’t have to be boring. Did you know that storage can be pretty? When choosing furniture for your home, be sure to look for pieces with storage options. Read our article on how to turn your decor dreams into a reality—sans clutter and regret. 

Renting a room out in your home 

A great way to make money and utilize extra space in your home is to rent out a room. Whether you opt to offer long-term rental or use a short-term rental service like Airbnb, renting out your home (or a portion of it) is a great way to earn extra income without the hassle of extra work. Before you rent your space, read our five expert room rental tips so you are fully prepared for what to expect when renting your space out. 


Tips for When You’re Moving On 

Circumstances change, life moves on and sometimes it’s time to move to a new house. While moving is well known to be a stressful event, there are steps you can take to be prepared and get through this transition smoothly. Read on for our best moving and packing tips. 

Downsizing your home 

There are plenty of reasons to simplify your life. Downsizing your belongings is especially helpful when preparing for a move. Consider what items will fit into your new space and what you could put up for sale. Downsizing can bring about difficult choices so be sure to read our supersized tips for downsizing your home

How to easily change homes 

Have you ever had to change homes? The average American moves once every five years so if you haven’t found yourself in this situation before, you likely will one day. When you do, be sure to read our article on changing homes the easy way brought to you by the storage experts at Secure Self Storage. 

Secrets to selling your home 

So you’ve decided you want to move but there is only one problem—you already own a home. Read our expert tips on staging your home using self storage so you can sell your home faster. 

The best packing supplies 

Moving to a new home can be an exciting adventure but packing up all your belongings and transferring them to a new location requires logistics and planning. Be prepared and read our helpful list of 10 must-have packing and moving supplies before the big day comes.

Find the right moving company 

Once you know where you are going, it is time to figure out how you are going to get there. Did you know using a moving company can help eliminate complications and logistics in the moving process? Be sure to read our five tips to get started on finding the right moving company