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 10 Must Read Organization Tips

Learn how to save time and make the best of your home with our 10 must-read organization tips brought to you by the storage experts at Secure Self Storage. 


1. Start with Your Closet 

Closets are mainly meant to store clothes, but they often become a haven for random objects and boxes of stuff we meant to throw away. Read our 4 expert closet storage tips so you can learn how to deal with these secret clutter spots. 


2. Keep It Simple

The best way to make the most of a plan (and stick to it) is to make that plan manageable. Read our guide on easy ways to organize your home so you can learn how to strategically simplify and organize your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and closets. 


3. Pantry Organization 101

There are many benefits to having an organized pantry. When your pantry items are nicely labeled and readily accessible, it’s easier to cook, plan meals, and make shopping lists. Here are four tips on organizing your pantry so you can make the most of your kitchen. 


4. Customize Your Office

Customizing your office organization can help you feel in charge of your life and career and may even lead to being more productive. Read our five office organization tips to help you feel like a boss! 


5. Mind the Wine

Wine is sweet nectar and should be stored carefully. If your love of wine has transformed into a passion and turned you into a collector, read our six tips for organizing the perfect wine collection


6. Make Your Storage Process Seamless

An efficient process starts with the right tools. Whether you love organizing or find it dreadful, storing your possessions can be a breeze with the right toolkit. Read our 10 must-have self-storage items that are every organization lover’s best friend! 


7. Stick to a Plan

At the start of the year, many of us make a list of resolutions to improve certain areas of our lives. If one of your resolutions is to be more organized, we’ve made a list of seven ways to keep your organization resolution going for the entire year


8. Don’t Forget the Garage 

Are there countless Amazon boxes cluttering your garage and it’s giving you nightmares? You aren’t alone. The garage can easily become one of the home’s most frustrating spaces to navigate as it fills with clutter. Luckily, we have seven tips to help organize your garage and maintain it all year long. 


9. Clean Up the Toys 

Do you have kids? Are their toys everywhere? Whether it’s stuffed animals, dolls, or games, there will always be a new toy that captures your tots’ attention. Read our eight toy storage tips so you can put a halt to your home’s toy invasion. 


10. Get Rid of It

If you have organized everything and are still feeling cluttered, consider getting rid of it. One helpful way to do this is to think about when you last used the item. If it’s been months or years, there’s a good chance you are storing it for no reason and it’s ready to be donated or tossed! 


We hope our 10 organization tips help you make the most of your home. Still struggling with how to deal with the items that are rarely accessed but you can’t bear to part with? We get that from homeowners a lot. 

This usually sounds like, “I can’t get rid of my kids’ childhood toys, my preserved wedding dress, or my family heirlooms but I’d love extra space in my home.” 

Self-storage units are the perfect solution to store these items long term and keep them in mint condition while doing so. Self-storage units allow you to utilize space in your home (hello attic and basement) for more practical items that you use often. Secure Self Storage is the premier self-storage facility in the Northeast and offers a wide range of storage unit sizes at an affordable price to meet all your storage needs.